Intramural Open – 2020 | 12th State CrossFit 

Shirt order will be placed on Oct. 6th – Delivery by Oct. 16th (shirt only, no tanks on this order) 

Who should participate? 

If you answer yes to any/all of the questions below, then you should sign-up! 

Do you CrossFit? 

Do you like to have fun? 

Do you like to smile? 

Do you like high fives and friendship?  

How to participate? 

Sign up here:  The cost is $20 to register,  add a custom Open shirt for $10 if you would like. 

Registration + shirt!

(send your shirt size to info@12thstatecrossfit.com, if not we will do our best at guessing your size :)) 

Register + no awesome shirt!

The workouts will happen on Saturday and you will be responsible for judging your teammates. So plan on working out for at least one heat and judging at least one more to help your team. IF you are in the final heat we will designate a judge for you.

All workouts will take place on Saturday morning from 9am-12noon, so make sure you are available most Saturdays. 


At 12th State CrossFit we are always looking for ways to inspire, entertain, and educate you all everyday while you are expressing your fitness at the gym! A friendly competition that we have always ran here at 12th State CrossFit is the “CrossFit Open”.. You will surely be inspired when you watch someone get their first pull-up or they PR a big lift, or they do 40 wallbals unbroken to finish a workout :). 

Every year, CrossFit HQ runs a five-week event called “The CrossFit Open“. Since earlier this year we took this idea and made it our own! We’re not interested in finding out how fast you can exercise against 400,000 other people worldwide. We ARE interested in helping you push to new levels in fitness, level up your life, and get 1000 high fives from the 12th State CrossFit family.

Can we bring that worldwide thrill home? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so. The Intramural Open is going to be our new annual tradition at 12th State CrossFit.

We’ll divide you up into three or four teams, each with a General Manager (Coach/Staff member) Team Captain (fellow member of 12th State)  and a funny/original team name. The team captains will be positive, encouraging cheerleaders for your team and selected by the staff!

You can earn points for your team by participating (most points) winning an event (second-most points) and showing the most spirit during events.

After 5 weeks we will host an end of Open BBQ, with DJLA and a few of our Open Sponsors (TBD)! 

Our registration period will happen between Sept 22nd and Sept 29th. On Draft Night (Sept 29th),  we will post a live document with names that are going to be randomly populated into our teams. Unlike elementary school, EVERYONE who signs up GETS PICKED. Then the Captains work hard to get you on board and excited for the Open workouts. Yep, we chose the FUN bunch to Captain, not our traditional top scorers necessarily, but people who are going to keep the team together, motivated, and excited! 

We want you to sign up this year!


Registration Week – September 30th – October 6th

    • During this time you will sign up via wodify, and register for the 2020 Intramural CrossFit Open @ 12th State CrossFit. Registering at this time will give you the option to get a shirt and put your name in the running for the grand prize at the end.
    • You also get a discounted shirt option during this time

Draft Night – Sunday, October 6th 

    • During draft night we will post a live document where we will post the results of our “draft”. 
    • This year the order will be randomly selected.
    • Teams will be made even during this time, I.e. if we have 80 registrants, we will make sure there are even teams of 20 across the board. We will also make sure there are no “stacked” teams

Pre-Season – Monday, October 7th – Wednesday, October 9th

    • During this time you will be in contact with your team captain and your GM. They will let you know if they plan on doing anything cool or fun for certain weeks. (Matching shirts, pr workout cheers, fancy handshakes… what ever will get you guys pulled together for the workouts each week :0 
    • They will also make sure to facilitate a private group FB page just for your team. This will be a fun way for you all to communicate on a platform that will not blow up your work email with messages regarding burpees, and matching workout shirts. 

The Main Event:  Saturdays – October 12th – November 9th

Each week we will track participation for all. Each team member who participates on Saturday will give their team 1 point. Each week we will have a “FINAL EVENT HEAT” where each team will select a representative to compete against the other teams. All representatives will be on a volunteer basis, and will be selected by the GM and team captain. This will be the only heat where your score in the workout matters for the team. Other than this heat it is all about participation. Every week we will also give out an extra 5 points to the team with the most “team spirit”. 5 points per week will be up for grabs. 

    • Workouts

      • 20.1 – 10/12 @ 9:00am 

      • 20.2 – 10/19 @ 9:00am

      • 20.3 – 10/26 @ 9:00am

      • 20.4 – 11/2 @ 9:00am

      • 20.5 – 11/9 @ 9:00am “End of Open BBQ” immediately after! 

    • Scoring System: 

      • Participation: 

        • 1 point – per participant/per week
      • Final Event Heat:

        • Points TBD  and will be based off of the number of teams we will have. But the point system will follow: (Rx and scaled) 
          • 1st place = 4 bonus points
          • 2nd place = 3 bonus points 
          • 3rd place = 2 bonus points
          • 4th place = 1 bonus point 
      • Team Spirit: 

        • There will be 5 bonus points awarded to the team with the most team spirit! Teams with matching shirts, crazy team chants, awesome post-workout high fives, and most importantly the team having the most fun have a great shot at winning these extra 5 points each week. 
    • Participation and team spirit will always “weigh” more than scores, but having a good score in the final heat could help your team edge out the competition 🙂 

What do our points go towards?

If you have been wondering this whole time what the points will go towards, we are going to keep you waiting a little longer, but we can tell you that the winning team will have bragging rights until next years Open. We will also have the following system in place for the prizes. We will have a prize for each place at the end of the competition; first place will have a prize, as will second, third, and fourth. 

If you are on the winning team you will get a shot at the grand prize, second place team members will have a shot at the 2nd place prize, etc… 

We will select this winner of your team at random during the end of open BBQ on November 9th. You must be present to take home your prize, no show = no prize :(. 

Prizes each week? 

Each week we will also have a random drawing for all participants after the culmination of the “final heat”. If you want to win one of these prizes, you need to be at the Saturday events and hang out until the end! 🙂 


Remember this event is about community, fun, and excitement; so bring your a-game and be ready to have some fun!!!

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