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Individualized Nutrition Coaching


12th State was founded in 2014 with a primary mission of helping others to improve their lives through fitness. We further that mission through our nutrition program by providing personalized guidance and accountability leading to healthy, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle improvements.

This program was developed as a direct response to feedback from our members seeking 1-on-1 nutrition support and accountability.Many of those interested have expressed a desire to change their body composition, while others just want to feel better and improve their performance in the gym.Our aim with 12th State Nutrition is to provide a results-oriented program that brings value to our clients while maintaining a simplified process and pricing structure that works for everyone.

12th State Nutrition is not a “diet.” We pride ourselves on providing simple steps that lead to new, but sustainable habits.These habits not only lead to feeling better overall but result in positive changes to body composition and a healthier relationship with food.

Individualized Nutrition coaching provides: 

  • Partnership based approach to your nutrition resulting in low-stress, positive changes to nutrition
  • Initial hour-long detailed discussion of current and past nutrition
  • Exclusive use of our nutrition app that allows for daily accountability and communication with your nutrition coach
  • Weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach
  • Monthly face-to-face planning and goal evaluation session including Inbody scan: Body Composition Analysis Info
  • Education, accountability, and support to help you meet your nutrition goals.
  • Support materials including recipes, snack ideas, food recommendations, improved sleep, balance between workouts, nutrition, and life.

Cost is $165 per month

About our nutrition coach:

Please email for more information or to take the first step to a new healthier lifestyle!


“Nutrition is the foundation of the theoretical hierarchy of the development of the athlete.  The quality and constituent elements of an athlete’s diet influence metabolism and therefore the molecular foundations of muscle, bone, and the nervous system. For this reason, any training system that does not consider and duly correct an athlete’s diet will be suboptimal. Long-term training depends upon a solid base of nutritional support.” -CrossFit

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