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Individualized Nutrition Coaching Now Available

We are excited to announce the official launch of our 12th State Nutrition program on March 1st, led by Coach Chris and Coach Emily.  We are partnering with Healthy Steps Nutrition which allows us access to amazing resources including a team of registered dietitians and an exclusive app that is integrated with My Fitness Pal.  Chris and Emily are passionate about nutrition and want to help you reach your goals.  Click here for a short video introduction.

Nutrition coaching is available as a month to month membership in Wodify, similar your fitness membership.  An initial 3 month commitment is recommended to allow enough time for you to see significant improvement.

Individualized Nutrition coaching includes: 

  • Exclusive use of the healthy steps nutrition app
  • Monthly goal setting session
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly Inbody scan: Body Composition Analysis Info
  • Education, accountability and support to help you meet your nutrition goals
  • Weekly educational videos from registered dietitians

Cost is $165 per month

This program was developed as a direct response to feedback from our members seeking 1-on-1 nutrition support and accountability.  Many of those interested have expressed a desire to change their body composition, while others just want to feel better and perform better in the gym.  Our aim with 12th State Nutrition is to provide a results-oriented program that brings value to our clients while maintaining a simplified process and pricing structure that works for everyone.

Please email for additional information or to start your nutrition journey with Chris or Emily!

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