What is Fitness30?

Fitness30 is the easiest, fastest, and simplest way to start working out in Raleigh!

Fitness30 is a fast-paced workout focused on getting your heart rate elevated and maintaining it throughout the 30 mins. Our focus during these 30 mins is to give you the most effective workout possible while respecting your busy schedule outside of CrossFit. We will focus on cardiovascular conditioning by using our “cardio” machines such as rowers and bikes, and also implement a few classic CrossFit movements like burpees and squats.

One thing you will NOT see in Fitness30 class is a barbell.

No barbell training in our Fitness30 class.  We understand that some people would rather get their workout in with out heavy barbell movements… if so, this program is tailored for you.

A Fitness30 Membership includes:

– UNLIMITED Access to the 9:30am class at 12th State CrossFit
– UNLIMITED Access to the 12:00pm class at 12th State CrossFit
– Expert Coaching: Our coaches are career coaches here at 12th State CrossFit and you will see the difference on day 1.

Who is Fitness30 for?

Anyone making fitness as a priority in their lives, whether you are just starting your workout routine up after a hiatus (it happens!) OR if you are just looking for a NEW and FUN way to workout, this is it!

How do I Start?

Dust off those old running shoes… because that is all you need to do. Contact us and our helpful staff will set you up with a membership and answer any questions you may have.  Then, come on in!

How Much is Fitness30?

$79.99 – SIGN UP TODAY
Current 12th State CrossFit Members have free admission with an unlimited membership

Ready to Get Started?

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