12th State CrossFit | Training Notes | August 5th – September 8th, 2019

August 5

12th State CrossFit | Training Notes | August 5th – September 8th, 2019

Overarching goals for all 3 paths:

  • General Physical Preparedness; our training will help you become faster, stronger, and a better all-around human.
  • Burn; Our training will help you burn excess energy, calories, and stress from the day! (or yesterday for our morning people)
  • Focus on Longevity; Our programming was developed with your safety and longevity in mind, we want you to be healthy and happy after each training session

6 ways to get the most out of your workouts:

  • Diet. You cannot out train a bad diet. Eat well, eat clean, and eat enough to support daily energy needs and limit the excess.
  • Sleep/Rest. You need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Make sure you are setting up your daily schedule to make this happen. ALso if you are feeling overly fatigued, take a rest day. We all need a day off sometimes.
  • Leave your ego at the door. Your daily workouts are for you. Make sure the weights, reps, and movements you are selecting match your training goals and needs.
  • Ask for help. Our professional staff is always available for questions and guidance. We are here to serve you.
  • Be Consistent. Set your schedule the before the week starts and make sure you get to the gym.
  • Mobilize and Stretch. Make sure you are spending time pre and post workout to work on your muscle and body. ALso make sure that you are attending our weekly Yoga sessions at 6:30pm on Thursdays.

Programming Specifics:

New Cycle August 5th to September 8th
We will dive right into this cycle August 5th and take our deload week during the last week which ends up being Labor Day week! Lets get ready to get after it! Here is what is coming up for the next 4 weeks!

Monday  – Clean and Jerk:

Comp and sport will both be working clean and jerk on Mondays this cycle. Comp will be focused on a complex that progresses to a 1RM. Sport will be cycling their clean and jerks along with box jumps. The weight will increase as the reps decrease.  If you typically do Comp, don’t be afraid to do sport this cycle on Mondays especially if you need to work on cycling the bar. Our metcons on Mondays will be couplets and triplets for time.

Tuesday – Snatch and Gymnsatic Progression

If you didn’t choose to cycle the bar on Monday ……its ok!  You will get the chance to work on some gymnastic movements while cycling the bar in our 10 min EMOMs on Tuesday.  The gymnastic skill will increase in complexity each week. As for the bar, the snatch number of reps will stay the same but feel free to add some weight to the bar each week. We will have the opportunity to get a good amount of volume snatch cycling and gymnastic practice during  our lifting portion of class. Our metcon portion each week will feature 2 rounds directly into 1 round.  Our goal will be to  practice finishing strong in a workout building intensity as the number of rounds drops  from 2 to 1.


Wednesday: Front Squat

The 10/8/6/4/2 is back, but we will be Front Squatting! We will continue  E3MOMx5  format. Along with squatting athletes will be completing single modality high rep metcons on Wednesday. This type of metcon will challenge you mentally as well as physically. You will also get the opportunity to establish some PRs on these workouts and/or get a baseline score for future reference.


Thursday : Don’t Stop Moving

Thursdays this cycle is a come in and move kinda day. You will have 3 different 8 minute amraps with goal rounds to hit. Each amrap will be separated by 2 min. Be prepared for a good mixture of the usual running, rowing, and biking with  body weight exercises mixed in.

Friday: Emom Friday!

Fridays we will get the opportunity to play with the Stones and/or Sandbags. Fridays will be a mixture of gymnastics/skill, cardio and strength. We will cap the day off with a quick anabolic sprint to tap into that next gear! These sprints will have lofty but definitely doable caps to encourage intensity.  The emoms will be 25 min long with a 5 minute rest before our short sprints.

Saturday: Partner or Solo

We will follow the typical Saturday workout with the option to go partner or solo. Since we don’t back squat this cycle be prepared to do some back squatting in a few Saturday metcons.


Sunday: Cardio!!!

Each Sunday in this cycle will involve 5 min stations. We will build each week adding another 5 minutes. We will start out with 4 sets of 5 and end with 8 sets of 5 working from 20 min to 40 min! Each Sunday we will run, row, bike and burpee. We will add a run week 2, a run and row week 3, a run, row and bike week 3 then finish doing 2 rounds each of run row bike and burpee. Lets get after this cycle and set a great base going into the fall!.

See you in the gym this week!