12th State CrossFit | Training Notes | Feb 11th – March 17th | 2019

February 10

Overarching goals for ALL 3 Paths:

  • No matter if you are joining us for your first week of fitness or you are a long time member or CrossFitter, our #1 goal for you every cycle is for you to leave better than when you came in. Get 1% better everyday!
  • Select a workout path (Comp/Sport/Fitness) that allows you to achieve the above goal. Some cycles that may be fitness, others… it may be sport. Please utilize coaches and staff to guide you to a path that is right for you.




Fitness | 12th State CrossFit:

Who is this path for: This path was created for individuals that want to keep “intensity AND volume” at the forefront of their training. Loads and movements will be kept lighter in order to ensure that you are continually moving and burning calories. This path is quickly becoming our most popular path at 12th State CrossFit.

What are you training for: Our primary goal for Fitness athletes, is to keep you moving and burning calories throughout the entire class. While we will teach you new skills and drills, we understand that barbell and gymnastics training is not everyone’s “cup of tea”. This is why we limit the complexity of body-weight movements  in this path and also completely remove barbell training from this path.

Sport | 12th State CrossFit

Who is this path for: This path was created for individuals that are still working to build their competency in gymnastics movements, Olympic lifts, and cardiovascular conditioning. This path serves a majority of the athletes here at 12th State CrossFit.

What are you training for: Our primary goal for the Sport path, is to increase your performance for everyday life. That means:

  1. Keep you healthy: Making sure that everyday you can come back and train with us.
  2. Make you “fitter”: Increase your ability to workout longer and harder.
  3. Make you stronger: Increase your ability to lift loads with form and technique as the base.
  4. Learn new skills: Increase the number of skills you have at your disposal for your fitness journey.

Competition | 12th State CrossFit

Who is this path for: This path was created for those individuals that have been training CrossFit for 5+ Years, are competent in ALL gymnastics movements, and have the ability to perform ALL Olympic lifts with some level of virtuosity. This path serves a very small minority of the population at 12th State CrossFit, and is offered to keep those that train in the “Sport of Fitness” up-to-speed and ready to compete.

What are you training for: Our primary goal for the competition path is to get you guys and girls geared up for the CrossFit Open in February!!!


Here is a quick look forward into the programming for the next 5 weeks. Your range for Metcons duration is listed below for specific days. Hope this helps you decide when you would like to workout during the week for the next 5-weeks!



  • Mondays – 10-15min Metcons
  • Tuesdays – 12-17min Metcons
  • Wednesdays – 7-15min Metcons
  • Thursdays – 24min Metcons
  • Friday – Open WODs
  • Saturday – 21-35min Metcons
  • Sunday – 24-40min Metcons

Thanks for sticking around until the end or at least scrolling to the bottom for this 🙂 This is a thank you from Coach Cliff (me), for reading the blog and staying up-to-date on your training. The following is quick accessory work to go along with the training block we are currently in. This programming is not meant for “everyone” but rather for “anyone” that wants a little extra work to go along with our training block and in a way that will not interfere with your daily training.

This is a general template, you can modify however you need. If you are looking for a more specific and personalized accessory program, please reach out to me at cliff@12thstatecrossfit.com; and I can put a program together for you. Contact me for pricing.


A) Snatch: 3, 2, 2, 2, 1 – Same Scheme as class Cleans 

B) Row 1000m + 100 Sit ups


A1) 3×10 Single Arm DB Press – per arm

A2) 3×10: Renegade Rows – per arm 

A3) 3x(5-7): Dips (weight if needed) OR Ring Muscle Ups if able

A4) 3x(20-30): Abs of Choice


A1) 3×10 (per leg): Rear Foot Elevated DB Reverse Lunges

A2) 3×10: GHD Hip Extensions

A3) 3×15-20: Heavy Goblet Squats

A4) 3x (10-12): Strict Toes To Rings


Make sure you come out to either participate or just hang out for the 2019 Open Challenge!