12th State CrossFit | Training Notes | January 6th – February 16th, 2020

January 3

12th State CrossFit | Training Notes | January 6th – February 16th, 2020

Overarching goals for all 3 paths:

  • General Physical Preparedness; our training will help you become faster, stronger, and a better all-around human.
  • Burn; Our training will help you burn excess energy, calories, and stress from the day! (or yesterday for our morning people)
  • Focus on Longevity; Our programming was developed with your safety and longevity in mind, we want you to be healthy and happy after each training session

6 ways to get the most out of your workouts:

  • Diet. You cannot out-train a bad diet. Eat well, eat clean, and eat enough to support daily energy needs and limit the excess.
  • Sleep/Rest. You need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Make sure you are setting up your daily schedule to make this happen. Also if you are feeling overly fatigued, take a rest day. We all need a day off sometimes.
  • Leave your ego at the door. Your daily workouts are for you. Make sure the weights, reps, and movements you are selecting match your training goals and needs.
  • Ask for help. Our professional staff is always available for questions and guidance. We are here to serve you.
  • Be Consistent. Set your schedule before the week starts and make sure you get to the gym.
  • Mobilize and Stretch. Make sure you are spending time pre and post-workout to work on your muscle and body. Also make sure that you are attending our weekly Yoga sessions at 6:30 pm on Thursdays.

Programming Specifics:

Cycle notes overall…… let’s get that PUMP! We have spent the last 8 weeks with a barbell and this cycle we will be working more accessory work. 

Monday: Push Press and Strict Pull-Ups 

Monday will be dedicated to working on Push Press and Strict Pull-Ups. In the final week of this cycle, we will Push Press to a 1RM and complete a max set of strict pull-ups.  Don’t be worried if you don’t have a strict pull up just yet! Let’s use this cycle to help build the strength to get your first strict pull-up!!!
Monday Metcons will follow a descending rep scheme style. Each Monday athletes will have two parts to complete with the weight increase in the second part of the workout.  A challenging mix of barbell and gymnastics will keep athletes sharp as we focus a bit more on accessory work for this cycle.

Tuesday: Leg Accessory Work 

On Tuesdays we will have 2 complimentary leg accessory exercises to start our hour; Expect lunges, step-ups, etc. After two weeks, the exercises will rotate to a new pair. These exercises will be focused more on unilateral loading and will help highlight and ideally help correct imbalances between legs. 
Tuesday Metcons will be AMRAP focused with a monostructural finisher! The finisher will rotate every 2 weeks as well. 

Wednesday: Hump Day Pump Day 

Get ready to wear your tank tops on Wednesday. Our Wednesdays will feature a Push/Pull accessory superset to really get that pump going! Sticking to our accessory theme, our Wednesdays will be focused on form not weight. Dumbells and bands will keep our weight options in check as we build every two weeks through this cycle with new exercises. 
As for Metcons, Wednesdays will be 3 rounders varying in exercise selection. The exercises will be accompanied by calories on a machine or sandwiched between runs. 

Thursday: Intervals are Back 

On Thursdays be prepared for short bouts of intervals. Usually asking for 1:3 work to rest ratio, athletes will find a group of 3-4 athletes to attack the interval at hand.  Athletes will be performing 3-4 rounds of intervals before finishing with easy 10-15 minutes on a run, bike or row.

Friday: Back by Popular Demand

Several cycles ago we did long Fridays. They consisted of three parts;  EMOM Lift, a Metcon using the weight of the final lift, and a finisher intended to be finished in 10 minutes or less. This is what our Fridays will consist of for the next 6 weeks. The best part about our Fridays is that we all start and finish the entire day together……so grab your buddy and come get some work done to end your week.

Saturday: Partner or Solo

We will be taking an interesting look at our Partner and Solo workouts this cycle. The partner and solo options will still be there but they might not differ in reps schemes too much.  Athletes will be challenged by a few hero/ named workouts on Saturday. You can choose to do them solo or with a partner. If the solo option is selected, beating the cap may be a hard task but the coaches will be there to help lead the way. Finally, start coming with leg protection as the return of the rope climb will soon find its way to our Saturday schedule. Get excited!

Sunday: Long Grind

Sundays will be our typical long grind of a workout. Come in expecting 20 -30 minutes of moving. If you really pushed yourself all week, just go slow here and in a few cases, you might get the chance to partner.