January 4, 2021

January 4

From Head Coach Whitney Gelin:

Our next programming cycle will last 9 weeks and will lead up to the Crossfit Open which begins on March 11th, 2021.  The program will consist of 6 weeks of designated lifts and metabolic conditioning pieces, 1 Max Out week, and will finish with 2 de-load weeks prior to the Open.
The goals of the cycle are:
1.) Preparing for the 2021 CrossFit Open
2.) Working on proper pacing, so that we know how to attack each workout
3.) Practicing lifting technique with moderate to heavy weights under fatigue
4.) Improving our gymnastic skills.
Monday: We will kick off the week with a Clean and Jerk Progression ending with a 1 RM Clean and Jerk in 6 weeks. Monday met cons will be classic crossfit couplets, triplets and chippers.
Tuesday: We will start with a gymnastic EMOM varying in skill as we progress each week. The met cons will follow a similar pattern to a cycle we did last year before the open. All the met cons will feature dumbbell movements. The goal will be to work on pacing, using an ascending AMRAP to get as far as possible in the specific time domain.  We will then rest for a pre-determined time frame.  After the rest, we will work backward to finish the workout in that same time domain or faster.
Wednesday: We get back in the rack with Back Squat and Jumps.  Expect pause squats and tempo squats for the first 4 weeks followed by some percentage work for the final two weeks.  We will couple our squats with alternating jumps including box jumps and broad jumps.  We will find a 5 RM at the end of this cycle.  Met cons will alternate between 6 RFT and E2MOM x 6.  The time domain will always be 12 Minutes. Again, the objective is to work on pacing ourselves and getting used to what an appropriate pace should feel like.
Thursday: Endurance work will continue as previous.
Friday: Athletes will complete multiple part workouts – expect to see open-style workouts or previous open workouts.  Following the workout, there will be a set amount of time to complete a moderate to heavy or max lift, with focus on good form.
Saturday: Partner / Solo Workouts will continue as previously programmed.
Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the programming. Enjoy this cycle! See you Monday!
– Head Coach Whitney Gelin