Training Notes Fall 2022

October 25

Train with purpose:  Start by understanding the program’s goals and benchmarks, and select the training path that best meets your own personal goals.  Ask yourself, “What am I training for?”  Click here to read more about which pathway might be best for you.  If you still have questions, talk to one of our coaches and they will be happy to help you.

Train with intensity:  Bring your best effort every day, allow yourself to be pushed, and understand that it takes hard work and commitment to see a consistent improvement in your fitness level.

Train for longevity:  Consider the long term when deciding what you do in the gym every day.  Focus on proper technique, mobility / flexibility, nutrition, and hydration.  Understand that a positive attitude and the right mental approach are essential to enduring success.

Our next programming cycle begins on Monday, October 31st and will run through January 1st.  The program will be broken into 2 sets of 3 weeks, with breaks at Thanksgiving and the last week of December.  There will be 1 max out week near the end of the cycle.

In general, strength work will be the focus on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a metabolic conditioning focus on Tuesday and Thursday.  Next level work (extra skill and / or strength work) will be programmed on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.


1.  Build off our last cycle by increasing our confidence in the Snatch as well as Snatch Cycling 

2.  Develop leg strength and power through front squats coupled with split jerks 

3.  Stamina in squatting, pulling, and pressing

4.  Foundation building for conditioning work / open prep which will be the focus of next cycle

Benchmark Lifts:

  • Front Squat (1RM)
  • Bench Press (1RM)
  • Deadlift (1RM) 

Benchmark Workouts:

  • Isabel/ Double Isabel
  • Ingrid
  • Grettel 
  • Macho Man

Monday:  We will kick off the week with some heavy percentage-based front squats, followed by split jerk technique work.  The pairing of the lifts is designed to transfer proficiency to the squat clean and jerk.  Metcons will be focused around clean movements.

Tuesday:  Focus will be on consistently varied metcon pieces followed by accessory work as a class.  

Wednesday:  We will continue to snatch on Wednesdays. This cycle we will not only work on strength, but also cycling our barbell. We will build to a heavy single, then use a percentage of our single to practice barbell cycling.  Metcons will focus on snatch variation movements to help increase our capacity overhead. 

Thursday:  Endurance work will be the focus with a combination of rowing, running, biking, double-unders, and light weights to keep you moving and build cardiovascular stamina.

Friday:  Will feature the return of a crowd favorite with deadlift and bench press.  Metcons will be constantly varied.

Saturday:  Workouts with both a partner and solo option will continue as previously programmed. 

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the programming. Enjoy this cycle!

– Head Coach Whitney Gelin