Training Notes April 18th – June 4th

April 15

Train with Purpose.  Train with Intensity.  Train for longevity.

Training with purpose means understanding the program’s goals and benchmarks, and selecting the training path that best meets your own personal goals.  Click here to read more about which pathway might be best for you.  If you still have questions, talk to one of our coaches and they will be happy to help you.

Training with intensity means bringing your best effort every day, allowing yourself to be pushed, and understanding that it takes hard work and commitment to see a consistent improvement in your fitness level.

Training for longevity means that we must consider the long term when deciding what we do in the gym every day.  It means focusing on proper technique, mobility / flexibility, nutrition, and hydration.  It means having an understanding that a positive attitude and the right mental approach are essential to enduring success.

Our next programming cycle begins on April 18th and will last 7 weeks + 1 de-load week.  This cycle will be dedicated to improving our olympic lifting technique as well as our overall pulling strength.  We will also spend considerable time working on gymnastics efficiency and capacity. Oly technique will be prioritized on Mondays and strength work will be prioritized on Fridays. We will focus on one lift per week starting with the clean and jerk and alternating with the snatch for 6 weeks until we max both lifts on week 7.  We will then enjoy 1 de-load week before starting our next cycle. 

Goals of this training cycle:

1.  Develop confidence in our olympic lifting technique (snatch, clean and jerk)

2.  Improve olympic lifting pulling position and strength from the floor 

3.  Establish confidence with heavy squat loads in both the front squat and back squat 

4.  Improve efficiency in push and pull gymnastic movements 

5.  Build gymnastic capacity in push and pull movements leading up to “Memorial Day Murph” 


Murph (1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run)

1 Rep Max Snatch

1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk 

*For benchmarks, it is recommended that you record your results in wodify, as these metrics will be repeated.  Benchmarks are a way for you to assess your progress and see improvements.  If you miss a benchmark day, feel free to come in during open gym time and make it up.

Monday: Mondays will be strongly geared toward olympic lifting technique. Athletes can expect to stay light on these days to help focus on drills to enhance our understanding of the lifts and our positions during these lifts.  We will alternate weeks between the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. Our metcons will follow the design of classic crossfit couplets and triplets. Because technique will be our focus, we will stay away from programming olympic lifting in the metcons.

Tuesday: Tuesdays will have a gymnastic focus. We hope to take all the strict pull up strength from this last cycle and build capacity in our kipping pulling movements. Along with building capacity in pulling movements, our athletes will have the opportunity to develop confidence in the pushing movements of push ups, dips, handstand push ups and handstand walking. Our metcons will follow suit with a gymnastic focus as we pivot away from the barbell on Tuesdays. 

Wednesday: We will focus on building confidence under some heavy squat percentages. We will follow the same pattern of alternating that we do on Mondays. On weeks that we clean and jerk, we will front squat and on weeks that we snatch, we will back squat. There will be an increased opportunity to hit some extra squatting each week as well. Extra squatting will be programmed on Saturday to supplement getting stronger during this cycle. 

Our Metcons will consist of EMOMs on Wednesday and we will focus on the opposite lift that we see on Monday. This will give us an opportunity to touch both olympic movements each week. These emoms will allow us to put our technique to practice in a controlled Metcon setting.

Thursday:   Endurance work will be the focus with a combination of rowing, running, biking, double-unders, and light weights to keep you moving and build cardiovascular stamina. The focus of our Thursdays will be building gymnastic capacity and stamina for Memorial Day Murph. 

Friday:  Fridays will be all about lifting for Comp and Sport.  Our day will consist of three 8 minute sections with a 2 minute rest between. Focusing on Mondays technique work, we will build to a heavy lift in 8 minutes. Athletes will practice lifting a percentage of that heavy lift for the next 8 minutes.  Finally, we will cap the day off with some pulling from the floor for the final 8 minutes. Our focus will be to establish strong positions and confidence off the floor.  For our fitness folks, we will have just as much fitness to enjoy.  Fitness will have two AMRAP 8s that will sandwich 8 minutes of lifting. Fitness will join our comp and sport for their middle section. Expect 28 minutes of work every Friday of this cycle! 

Saturday: Workouts with both a partner and solo option will continue as previously programmed.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the programming. Enjoy this cycle! See you Monday!

  • Head Coach Whitney Gelin