Training Notes September 13th – October 30th

August 27

Train with Purpose.  Train with Intensity.  Train for longevity.

Training with purpose means understanding the program’s goals and benchmarks, and selecting the training path that best meets your own personal goals.  Click here for more information about which pathway might be best for you.  If you still have questions, please check with one of our coaches and they can help you find the path that best fits your needs.

Training with intensity means bringing your best effort every day, allowing yourself to be pushed, and understanding that it takes hard work and commitment to see a consistent improvement in your fitness level.

Training for longevity means that we must consider the long term when deciding what we do in the gym every day.  It means focusing on proper technique, mobility / flexibility, nutrition, and hydration.  It means understanding that a positive attitude and the right mental approach are essential to enduring success.

Our next programming cycle begins on September 13th and will last 7 weeks, ending in the last week of October.  The program will consist of 6 weeks of designated lifts and metabolic conditioning pieces followed by 1 Max Out week. The notes that follow mostly pertain to our competitive and sport tracks, while we continue to build general physical preparedness through our fitness track.

The goals of the cycle are:

1.  Continue to build pushing strength with Bench Press
2.  Improve olympic lifting technique in both Snatch and Clean
3.  Develop confidence overhead in the Push Jerk and Split Jerk
4. Work to develop stronger pulling strength from the floor with Deadlift
5.  Improved strength with gymnastics movements (pull-ups, hand stand push ups and muscle ups )

****Mobility: Please consider doing the posted mobility for the day as this will truly help you to improve your movement patterns and avoid injury. Consistency is key – don’t expect changes overnight.  However, a commitment to doing this daily will definitely help you as an athlete in the long term.


Deadlift (3 RM)
Bench Press (3 RM)
Split Jerk (1 RM)
Snatch (1 RM)
Clean (1 RM)

*For benchmarks, it is recommended that you record your results in wodify, as these metrics will be repeated.  Benchmarks are a way for you to assess your progress and see improvements.  If you miss a benchmark day, feel free to come in during open gym time and make it up.

Monday:  We will kick off the week with Split Jerks. Throughout the cycle we will couple our split jerks with a front squat to work on transfer of the movement the jerk. While the focus will be on Split Jerk for our weightlifting piece, expect more shoulder to overhead movements thrown into our metcons.

Tuesday: We will take a break from barbell and focus on gymnastics. All gymnastic movements are fair game. Expect to see gymnastic emoms (every minute on the minute) to focus on practicing quality reps. Our metcons will vary between time based and task based, but the goal will be to stay away from the barbell as much as possible on this day.

Wednesday: We will focus on weightlifting including the snatch and clean, improving technique through targeted drills with a progression to 1RM in both the clean and the snatch.  Due to the volume of lifting, expect metcons to be short and intense, usually 5-8 minutes in duration.  Our fitness crew can expect a long “mover” in place of lifting on Wednesdays.

Thursday:  Endurance work will be the focus with a combination of rowing, running, biking, double-unders, and light weights to keep you moving and build cardiovascular stamina.

Friday:  Bench AND Deadlift!! We will follow a progression to find a 3 Rep Max in both lifts by the end of the cycle. After spending 6 weeks benching in our last cycle, we will be focusing on adding some weight as we lower the reps. Our metcons will follow a moderate time domain from 8 – 12 minutes and will be focused around couplets and triplets.

Saturday: Workouts with both a partner and solo option will continue as previously programmed.

Each month this year we have added a little something extra to programming to help keep you motivated. This Cycle will feature Buns and Guns!  On Monday, we will program some additional lower body accessory work and on Friday, we will program some additional upper body accessory work. This work will be optional and completed outside of the class hour.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the programming. Enjoy this cycle! See you Monday!

– Head Coach Whitney Gelin