Enriching our lives through fitness

We express our fitness through the things we love to do in life.


I train to keep up with my kids and show them that staying active is fun. – Gail


I train at 12th State CrossFit to be the healthiest I can be for my family AND for myself! I’m healthier now at 52 than I’ve been in 20 years and feel better not only physically but mentally as well; I CAN do anything I set my mind to. – Anna

I train to recreate with my family. Recreate (v) – pursuit of outdoor activity for entertainment and exercise. Recreation as a verb. – Jon

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I train to be a better firefighter and get home safely to my family. – Aaron

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I train to be better at life! Keeping up with my dog, my active clients, to get better at hiking and racing! – Kelli


I train to keep up with my daughter and my grandchildren. – Denise

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I train to improve my endurance in aerial combat. – Sean


I train to get a strength and conditioning edge for my grappling competitions. – Jonathan


I train at 12th State because, not only does it allow me to stay healthy, it also demonstrates to my sons, with whom I work alongside, that working out and staying healthy is something that is important regardless of how old you are. 12th State allows us to train together and it allows me to show my sons that I can do everything that they can do (even better :)! – Serpil


I train to build lean muscle, have fun, and to improve my overall health. – Maria

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