Young Athletes

We turn kids into athletes and athletes into prospects


We’ve built programs designed specifically to help your child become a stronger and more confident athlete.  Our training methods are safe, proven, and effective.  We aim to develop mentally sound athletes through training in an environment of positivity, teamwork, accountability, and responsibility. 


Athlete development (ages 9-11): Thursday at 3:30 PM


The focus of athlete development is to teach your child the foundations of basic weightlifting and gymnastics while keeping loads and skills at a level appropriate for their age.  Our goal is for your child to establish good movement patterns that they may build on in later years.  By keeping sessions fun and upbeat, we hope to provide your child with a lifelong love of fitness and an understanding of how to take care of their bodies in the long term.


Performance Training (ages 12-15):  Thursday 6:30 PM


The focus of performance training is to build strength through age appropriate weightlifting movements, improve stamina / endurance through interval training, and to enhance speed and agility through targeted drills.  Participants in our program gain a distinct advantage over their peers both physically and mentally.  Our ultimate goal is to help your teen improve their confidence and performance on the athletic field.


Cost is $180 for a 12 session group training pass.

Personal Training and Personal Programming options are available on a case by case basis as well.

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