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Personal Training

Personal Training

If you are looking for undivided attention and direction, training 1 on 1 with our professional and experienced coaching staff is the best way to get it done.  We offer (2) type of personal training:


(60) minute personal training sessions


Work with a trainer of your choice through a 60 minute workout tailored to your individual needs and abilities.


(30) minute skill sessions


These sessions are built to tackle one movement in a 30 min block. This will give your coach time to properly warm you up as well as run you through relevant and specific drills for the movement that you are working on.  Work to get your first handstand, muscle-up or double-under.  Improve your Olympic lifts with drills, strength exercises, and technique analysis.


Please contact us at info@12thstatecrossfit.com to set up a meeting with your coach.



Build cardiovascular stamina through regular endurance based training.  Challenge yourself with other endurance focused athletes that come together on Thursdays to train.  Training cycles are programmed to improve your ability to maintain effort during middle distance and longer aerobic workouts.  Rapid recovery and intervals of short quick bursts are used effectively to help with this goal.  Strategy and pacing will be a large part of each workout.  This program is perfect for clients cross training for an endurance race or those who enjoy traditional CrossFit but tend to prefer longer cardio-based workouts.


Endurance is held Thursdays at 6:00am, 9:00AM, 4:30pm, & 5:30pm.


Endurance is free of charge for Unlimited 12th State CrossFit Members.  Drop Ins may register here:

Drop In Portal


Yoga / Mobility

Our membership comes together with instructor Lauren Lopez Ibanez to focus on stretch and recovery.  Our Yoga class normally includes a 20-30 minute flow routine and a 20-30 minute focused mobility routine to work out the soreness from the week.Our end goal is improvement in mobility and range of motion.


**Yoga is temporarily on hold due to the pandemic


Yoga is free of charge for Unlimited 12th State CrossFit Members.  Drop Ins may register here.

Drop In Portal


For those looking for the next level in recovery and preventative maintenance, we also recommend Austin with Myology Sports Massage.


Open Gym

Open Gym

Dedicated open gym hours:

Monday thru Friday: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm


Our facility is also unique in that we offer a staffed open gym period from the start of our first class to the end of our last class monday through friday. During class time, our athletes and visitors have access to the facility and equipment with some restrictions (as class remains with priority of equipment).  Open Gym is a great time to work on a new skill and/or get in a little additional work or personal programming.


12th State offers a $100 per month Open Gym only membership.


Please contact us at info@12thstatecrossfit.com for more information or to get started.

individual training

Individualized Programming

Personal Programming at 12th State is built specifically for the individual who wishes to train on their own but would like to follow programming from their own coach.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals.  Our personal programming starts with a free 20-minute consultation with our lead coach so that we may learn about your training preferences and goals.  From there, we will set you up with the appropriate coach and program to match your needs.


Please contact us at info@12thstatecrossfit.com to schedule your free consultation.

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