The 12th State Way

We value our members


12th State CrossFit was founded in 2014 with a primary mission of helping others to get the most out of their lives through a daily pursuit of fitness and learning to make healthy lifestyle choices.


We’ve made a conscious effort to value hard work, positivity, and kindness at our facility.  We believe that happy, motivated athletes are more successful in reaching their goals.


Your time training here should be the best hour of your day.

No Contracts.

We aim to retain your business with excellent service, not because you signed a long term contract.  Therefore, all memberships are month to month without long term commitment.  We want you to be happy here.

Professional Staff.

We invest in the people that serve you, our valued client.  Our staff is carefully selected, highly trained, and focused on the continual improvement of our member experience.  We know you by name and care about your needs.

Focus on longevity.

Our primary goal is to help you make fitness a lifestyle and to improve your long term health.  Maintaining interest, enjoying your time in the gym, and training safely are key areas of focus at 12th State.

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We ask 3 simple things from our athletes:

Work Hard

Work Hard.

On the road to fitness, there is no substitute for hard work and consistency. If you bring the effort, we’ll show you the way.

Stay Positive

Stay Positive.

Life can be stressful. Your time training here should not be.  A positive outlook is a key quality shared by our successful long term athletes.

Be Kind

Be Kind.

Our community of athletes value kindness to others.  Life is full of challenges, and we feel that it’s important to lift each other up.

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