Zack Griffith

Assistant Coach

Zack Griffith


Zack was born in Hawaii while his dad was serving as a diver as an officer in the United States Navy. Shortly after he moved to Maryland which is where he was raised most of his life. He grew up playing lacrosse and soccer but really found a passion for lacrosse which he focused on all through high school.
Zack’s dad was his first and only ever true personal trainer. To stay in shape for lacrosse during the offseason, he worked with his dad in their makeshift garage gym at home. All winter long, his dad would come home from work, it would be 7:00 pm at night, 35 degrees outside and pitch black, but sure enough, they would be exercising in the street and running up and down the road. This is where he found his passion for health and fitness.
Zack attended the University of South Carolina, graduating with a BA in public health. During his time at USC is where he found CrossFit. His first ever CrossFit workout was Helen. He remembers this because the class was about 50/50 men and women and he remembered his ego thinking “I cannot let these girls beat me.” Sure enough, some of them did, he was humbled and hooked on the challenge of CrossFit after that.
Outside of 12th State, Zack is a full-time firefighter with the City of Durham and he enjoys doing anything that will get him outside and moving. He tries to get to the beach as much as possible where he likes to paddleboard, spearfish and relax with his family.
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Outlaw Weightlifting Course
Training Think Tank specialty courses:
  • Energy System Training
  • Strength Systems
  • Movement Assessment
  • Anatomy & Physiology
Athletic Accomplishments:
  • OPEX Athlete Camp Attendee
  • Training Think Tank Athlete Camp Attendee
  • CrossFit Regional Competitor – Team – 2014
  • Wodapalooza 5-Time Competitor
Coaching Accomplishments:
  • Wodapalooza
  • CrossFit Regionals
  • Dubai Fitness Challenge


  • CF - L1
  • Outlaw Weightlifting
  • Training Think Tank - Energy System Training
  • Training Think Tank - Strength Systems Training
  • Training Think Tank - Movement Assessment
  • Training Think Tank - Anatomy & Physiology
  • CrossFit Regional Competitor - 2014 Team
  • 5-Time Competitor - Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

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