Zack Griffith



Zack was born in Hawaii while his dad was serving as a diver and an officer in the United States Navy. He later moved to Maryland where he spent most of his childhood and teen years playing soccer and lacrosse.  To stay in shape for lacrosse during the offseason, he spent the cold and dark winters training with his dad in their makeshift garage gym.  He credits his dad with helping to develop a passion for pushing himself to be stronger.
Zack attended the University of South Carolina, graduating with a BA in public health. During his time at USC, he began training with the CrossFit methodology, and has continued ever since.  He considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to compete and coach on a regional and national level.
Outside of 12th State, Zack is a full-time firefighter with the City of Durham and enjoys doing anything that will get him outside and moving. He tries to get to the beach as much as possible where he likes to paddleboard, spearfish and relax with his family.



  • CF - L1
  • Outlaw Weightlifting
  • Training Think Tank - Energy System Training
  • Training Think Tank - Strength Systems Training
  • Training Think Tank - Movement Assessment
  • Training Think Tank - Anatomy & Physiology
  • CrossFit Regional Competitor - 2014 Team
  • 5-Time Competitor - Wodapalooza Fitness Festival

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