Training Notes Spring 2024

March 14

Train with Purpose.  Train with Intensity.  Train for longevity.

Training with purpose means understanding the program’s goals and benchmarks, and selecting the training path that best meets your own personal goals.  Click here to read more about which pathway might be best for you.  If you still have questions, talk to one of our coaches and they will be happy to help you.

Training with intensity means bringing your best effort every day, allowing yourself to be pushed, and understanding that it takes hard work and commitment to see a consistent improvement in your fitness level.

Training for longevity means that we must consider the long term when deciding what we do in the gym every day.  It means focusing on proper technique, mobility / flexibility, nutrition, and hydration.  It means having an understanding that a positive attitude and the right mental approach are essential to enduring success.

Our next programming cycle begins on March 18th and will last 6 weeks. It will consist of 4 working weeks, 1 max out week, and 1 de-load Week. After the open, we will have a 4 week span before the next phase of the open or Quarter Finals begins April 17th. The intention of this cycle is to maintain strength while building confidence in our barbell cycling. We will also continue to focus on training gymnastics under fatigue. Regardless of whether you are planning on competing in Quarter Finals or not, this cycle will help you develop the confidence to take your weights and skills to the next level.

The goals of the cycle are:

1.  Build strength in cycling moderate barbell weights in both the Snatch and Clean

2.  Improve ability to olympic lift under fatigue

3.  Develop strength in upper body pushing strength with Bench Press

4.  Maintain strength lower body pulling/push strength in the deadlift and back squat

5.  Develop strength and confidence with gymnastics movements under fatigue


2 Rep Max Back Squat

2 Rep Max Bench Press

Grace or Isabel


*For benchmarks, it is recommended that you record your results in wodify, as these metrics will be repeated.  Benchmarks are a way for you to assess your progress and see improvements.  If you miss a benchmark day, feel free to come in during open gym time and make it up.

Monday: Our focus will be on barbell cycling of our Olympic Lifts. We will alternate weeks of EMOMS at percentage work and cycling through that same percentage with a work window to complete all the reps. Following our barbell work, we will complete another EMOM of Gymnastic Movements of choice. This will give athletes an opportunity to practice gymnastics under fatigue.

Tuesday: We will continue to build our squat strength with our Back Squats in this cycle. Back Squat Jumps with a barbell will be paired with our Back Squat to illicit a power response after a heavy barbell. Our met cons will consist of classic CrossFit chippers, couplets, and triplets but the focus will be lower body.

Wednesday: We will kick the day off with Bench Press and some pulling accessory.  Our met cons will consist of classic CrossFit chippers, couplets, and triplets but the focus will be upper body.

Thursday:   Endurance work will be the focus with a combination of rowing, running and biking, jump rope, and light weights to keep us moving to build cardiovascular stamina. The workouts will also be programmed in a way that can allow athletes to use Thursday’s as active recovery.

Friday: We will have intervals of different durations but each week we will deadlift. Athletes will have the opportunity to build to a heavy set of deadlifts with the goal of adding weight after each interval. The workouts will be constantly varied and will feature different movements along with the deadlift each week.

Saturday: Workouts with both a partner and solo option will continue as previously programmed.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the programming. Enjoy this cycle! See you Monday!

  • Head Coach Whitney Gelin